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The issue of fake spell casters is the most talked about and important issue. Reasons being these fake spell casters are busy playing around with people’s lives and this is not affecting them very well. This has affected even the process of spell casting. Many people now believe that spell casting is not true and spell casters are all searching for money, which is not true. We all know that there will always be those people that will do things that are not professional and good. There will always be scammers. But the way I see this thing is different. What I think is that those people who say spell casting is not true just because they have once met or heard of scammers are just undermining the tradition. The truth is some people now don’t believe in traditional practices.

This is because if you look at this world of today, there are so many people who cannot do the work they are supposed to do. Check the doctors, there are so many unqualified doctors who cannot do the job and they arte there killing people. There are cheater’s that are cheating our children but the truth is they cannot teach and they are unqualified but we send our children to school and we go to the hospitals when we are feeling sick. There are politicians that are so corrupt and we know that but do we quit voting, not at all. The same with spell casting, there are spell casters that cannot cast people real spells but that doesn’t mean everyone is a scammer so you need to believe in spell; casting and one day you will find the spell casters like us.

When casting spells two people are involved there, the spell caster and the client. Both these people are responsible for the whole process of spell casting. First of all before you can even visit the spell caster you need to know your real problem and how do you think it should be solved. And again you should know what to and not do when casting the spells. Because people also have the influence in failing of spells. Its either the spell caster gave the wrong information and instructions or the spell casters told you this and you did the exact opposite. When things go wrong you can be the one to blame.

And again as a spell caster you should know that before you can cast someone a spell you need to explain to them what the spell is capable of and the side effects if they are there. There are many other things that should be done by the spell casters to ensure real and best spell casting.