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new love spells

New love spells are meant to refresh your relationship and you feel like you are in the new relationship and you know how it feels like to be in new love. The faithfulness love spell is the most essential love spell because most of the relationships are broken today because they lack faith. Faith is the most important for any relationship to work this applies to all the relationships including family, friendship and other relationships. Let me give you the example whereby unfaithfulness breaks relationships.

Let’s say you are friends and you have been the best friends for like a long period of time now and all of the sudden you find yourself a lover while your friend is still single. Faith is all about the truth, whereby you tell your friend or your lover everything they deserve to know; everything that you think might affect your relation ship so that you are able to find some way to solve that problem. Now all of the sudden you suspect that your lover is cheating but you don’t know with whom and your friend seems not to know with whom.

And you try and find out the truth from your lover and he tells you that there is no one in his life other than you and you should stop asking him because that annoys him because he is claiming that he is faithful to you. What do you do now? You go and congratulate your friend for being single and you tell her that being in a relationship and what does your friend say, “ yes, my friend I’m still single and I’m not yet looking forward to having someone in my life”.

But as time goes on you try so hard to find out whop exactly is trying to take away your husband. And guess who is that, your friend. How do you feel after finding out? You feel like you have been betrayed and they have both been unfaithful to you and your feeling is true and real. But who to blame? You are also there to blame. Because if you came to me or other faithful spell caster and asked for the faithful spell and cast it for both your lover and your friend it wouldn’t have been like this.

So. I encourage everyone to cast the spells earlier before they are hurt. There are other new love spells like cheater’s love spell, truth love spell and other powerful love spells I cast.