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The Redskins NFL Name Changed To Rednecks

The NFL Team, the REDSKINS have a genuinely long time storied history to their name and apparently politicians in Washington including the top one, Barack Obama voicing in that the name is offending to a sizable number of Americans and it ought to be changed probably to REDNECKS! I guess that too is gonna be offending to a really sizable number of ‘He-Americans’!

So now, the American government is already shut down and still the president has all the time to go about insulting the rednecks! Some Americans have said maybe the president should consider changing his name back to Barry Sorento coz the name Barack Obama is very offending to a sizable number of Americans!

What your take on that is completely liberal thence up to you. Personally, I feel the name suits him and it’s good enough coz no name is a super name – Imagine a name such as Dick Cheney! That sounds like a certain type of chaining activity is taking place – Let’s go Dick chaining tonight! hahaha lmdo!

Back to the NFL REDSKINS name changing issue..enough with the blah blah! The NFL in the first place is a business and that should say it all. If people could focus on the game and/ or business instead of the name of the team, I guess nothing would really matter. The political landscape lately is so rough that many politicians have resorted to detracting the Americans with non-issue issues. The president now looks to create a kind of news that really don’t hold water. Let’s face it – the governement shut down is the only single most important issue right now. We can’t have time for the redskins!

The history behind the REDSKIN is one that holds a very significant place in the American history – the native Indian Americans are darn so proud about that name and team and the politicians in washington seem not happy with it at all. Some politicians definitely see nothing wrong with it only that they can’t be neutral, they have to be politically correct because that’s what politics is all about anyway!

Native Americans practiced very important traditional activities – a very rich culture always has one. These native cultural practices encompassed voodoo, spells casting, hunting, feather love spells casting and quite a great number of others that are still being practiced to this day in other parts of the world. Dr. Jamil a traditional spells caster is glad that he has some commonality with that the Native RedSkins of America had.

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