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Lemon Love Spells For Ex Lovers In Canada 

Lemon Love Spells For Past Lovers In Canada

You have already separated. It has been weeks, months or years since you saw your ex. You feel there is a deep hole in your heart. You now realize that you need your ex more than any other thing! These are the kinds of situations that my lemon love spells are designed to tackle. The lemon is a very powerful tool in magic and spell casting. For many years, the Indians have used it in cleansing rituals, protection from evil eyes and guarding against hexes and curses.

New And Effective Lemon Love Spells

If you think that your separation wasn’t caused by factors within, then there could have been external factors. This spell will work to cleanse and purify you of the bad vibes and energies that brought about the separation. It will mend your broken hearts; soothe all the pains and suffering caused by the breakup. In addition, it will create an atmosphere of forgiveness so that each of you can forgive and forget about the past. This will be the first step in your reunion.

Working Love Spells To Cast

I have also been casting lemon spells that can help keep enemies away. Lemons are also very instrumental in casting spells that make a person forget. Normally, after separation, you might either hate or remember all the good deeds about your ex. These lemon love spells work to ensure that all the bad memories are whitewashed and replaced with optimism. The target of this spell will feel renewed, revived and ready to take the relationship to another level.

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